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Beyond 'Religion versus Emancipation’


Conference Call for Papers: Religious Transformation & Gender

May 14, 2020. As our research project slowly draws to an end, we are working…

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Seminar: Gender in Moving In and Out of Religion

March 3, 2020. In februari of this year, our researchers have moved to Manchester…

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NGG: Religion and the Production of Difference

November 2, 2019. Members of our research group, including our intern Lucy Spoliar, all presented during the conference…

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BLOG Lucy Spoliar: Expert Meeting 2019

April 14, 2019. In a beautiful meeting room, prof. Anne-Marie Korte kicked off proceedings …

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BLOG Lieke Schrijvers: Double Doctorate in Ghent

January 30, 2019. My goal for this for month research stay thus was to write a draft version of the first case study …

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Nella van den Brandt visiting University of Lapland

Oktober 27, 2018. In October and November 2018, Dr. Nella van den Brandt will visit the …

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Lieke Schrijvers visiting scholar in Ghent

September 20, 2018. Lieke Schrijvers is visiting the University of Ghent this semester to work on her dissertation …

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