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Beyond 'Religion versus Emancipation’


Register here for the documentary screening of Janina Pigaht’s “Delfts Blauw Meets Hijab”, taking place April 10, 2019. Admission is free of charge, the program will commence at 19:30h at the Louis Hartlooper Complex in Utrecht. NOTE: the film is in Dutch, with English subtitles. The discussion after the documentary will be held primarily in Dutch.

Welcome to the website of the research project “Beyond ‘Religion vs Emancipation’: Gender and Sexuality in Women’s Conversions to Judaism, Christianity, and Islam in Contemporary Western Europe”. 

This NWO-funded project is hosted by the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies at Utrecht University and runs from 2016-2021. It is comprised of three multi-disciplinary sub-projects in the form of a PhD Research and two postdoctoral studies. 

The aim of the project is to study women’s conversion processes, in which gender and sexuality play a formative role and new religious subjectivities are acquired. While it is often assumed that religion and women’s emancipation are fundamentally conflicting, this project challenges that conception, and through a comparative research contributes to academic and public understandings of tensions between religious and secular gender discourses.