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Beyond 'Religion versus Emancipation’

Expert Meeting: Contested Conversions

“Contested Conversions: ‘Authentic Stories and Public Responses’”.

We will hold this expert meeting in connection to the Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Religion (AAR), to be held in San Diego November 23-26, where many of our network associates will be present.

The day before the conference we organize a roundtable workshop with experts from various fields of study related to our research project. The roundtable workshop will take place on Friday November 22, from 1PM to 5 PM (PDT). See our website for a full description of the theme.

We have invited 9 participants who have written short papers addressing the theme of the workshop. The papers have been distributed to the participants. During the meeting, every contributor will be given a few minutes to reflect on their paper, to give ample time for engagement in a roundtable discussion.

If you are not able to participate with a paper, we welcome you to participate as an audience member. Please get in touch to receive the papers.

Schedule Expert Meeting 22 November 2019: Contested Conversions

1:00 PM  Welcome & Opening Remarks  Prof. dr. Anne-Marie Korte (Utrecht University)

1:15 PM  Paper discussions (first session)

British Buddhist Women’s Narratives of Conversion: Gender, Authenticity and Experience - Dr. Caroline Starkey (University of Leeds, UK)

Documenting Conversion: Contested Framings of Female Converts to Islam as Family Troublemakers in British and Swiss documentaries  - Lucy Spoliar (University of Groningen)

Desired Deconversions: Thinking through Religion, Secularity and Race in the Netherlands - Dr. Nella van den Brandt (Utrecht University)

2:30 PM  Paper discussions (second session)

Studying transformation in transgender studies and conversion studies: suggestions for dialogue - Dr. Mariecke van den Berg (Utrecht University)

Faith and Fashion- conversion to Islam, Islamic dress and Identity in the Netherlands - Bat Sheva Hass MA (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

Between Symbolic distancing and pursuing an object of desire? Contested Conversion practices among non-Jewish Germans to Judaism. - Dr. Vanessa Rau (Max Planck Institute for the Study of Religious and Ethnic Diversity)

3:45 PM  Paper discussions (second session)

Contested conversions: autonomy versus recognition and/or empowerment in Latin American Context - Dr. Veronique Claire Gauthier Lecaros (Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú)

Failing to Feel the Spirit: Women converting to Pentecostalism in the Netherlands - Lieke Schrijvers MA (Utrecht University)

Sexual Practices of Religious Uncertainty - Dr. Philip Francis (University of Maine Farmington)

4:45 PM  Concluding Remarks  Dr. Nella van den Brandt (Utrecht University)

5:00 PM End session